Congressman Pete King [NY] Calls for End to Media Circus Over Michael Jackson’s Death

WOODBURY, NY - OCTOBER 18: U.S. Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY) attends an appearance by former Vice President Dick Cheney at the Long Island Association fall luncheon at the Crest Hollow Country Club on October 18, 2012 in Woodbury, New York. Cheney discussed foreign and domestic issues, including the upcoming presidential election, at the business organization's luncheon. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)


A close friend made me aware that Congressman Peter King of New York spoke out on ‘You Tube’, asking for a halt to the media’s coverage of the “Michael Jackson Story”. He encouraged people to praise the true heroes of our nation, those who are currently fighting and dying for our freedoms, our teachers, our fire fighters, our police force, volunteers, and he alluded to nurses or those working in AIDS clinics.

If you feel you must read on the subject of Michael Jackson’s career, life and death, then read my friend’s article; it is, in my opinion, one of the few on the subject worth reading. However, except to express myself to friends both online and offline, I have not written anything on this subject. I felt the media frenzy related to his death unjustified.

Rather than contribute to it; I chose not to participate in it. Today, I break my silence. I break my silence not to talk about the singer who died, I want to speak about what a man who is living had to say. That man is Congressman Peter King.

In his You Tube video, Pete King, talks about the true unsung heroes of our nation. Our unsung heroes our those fighting in the wars for our freedoms, the fire fighters, the cops, the teachers, the volunteers, those working in AIDS clinics, these are our heroes, says King.

These are the ones that should be venerated. I agree. These are but a few of the many unsung heroes in the United States. I don’t think Pete King went far enough, I think there are others in this country that should be admired and their praises sung.

Media Circus Over Michael Jackson’s Death

According to the lyrics from ‘Hero’, in a song by Superchick, “Heroes do what is right”; take a listen. Each day across America, where there is only one parent raising a child, and that person gets up, goes to work, puts food on the table, and models good behavior, that mother or father, or in many cases grandparent, is a hero.


The child that risks their reputation and goes and sits with the loner at a lunch table, and continues to make an effort to be a friend, this person is a hero. The young man (son, I’m so proud of you), who steps in, and does not let a man in a bar physically abuse a woman, while the rest of those in the establishment sat; that is a hero.

Perhaps it was the sappy advertisement in the Sunday paper that caught my eye that caused me to write as I have written today. The ad was for the Fresh Air Fund, an organization that takes New York’s neediest kids and gives them a vacation from the city. The ad read, ‘The Only Thing More Fleeting Than Summer Is Childhood’.Ironic that it was an ad about New York and children. In light of that ad and what I have been feeling these past several days, here is an part of the note that I sent to Congressman Peter King earlier today:

Dear Congressman Peter King:

In a former job, I had routine contact once or twice a year with various governmental representatives; however, the focus was primarily on garnering support for … Outside of my work life, I did not write letters or seek contact with government officials. This letter for me is out of the ordinary. For me, this letter should be considered extraordinary. I contact you today as the founder of a newly formed community of disabled artists and abuse survivors… * Our goal is to self-sufficiency through the sale of our arts and crafts. This contact is in regards to your recent speech, … on July, 5, 2009.

Thank you for giving voice to what needed to be voiced. By speaking out and acknowledging who should be considered this nations true heroes, such as those fighting for our freedoms, teachers, and the other unsung heroes, may it start a ripple effect. It was time for someone to give honor to the ‘the good men and women of our country who have dedicated their lives to helping others and serving our country not Michael Jackson’. Watching him be placed on a pedestal, while those among us are left reeling from the aftermath of sexual abuse, is like daily getting slapped in the face. It saddens us that our nation values a man’s talent more than a child’s innocence….

*Name of the disabled artist community was purposely not included to avoid self-promotion of the disabled artist community.

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