Jon Stewart, a Political Wrecking Force to Be Dealt With?

Jon Stewart is on the attack. On January 5, 2011 Jon Stewart unleashed his critical humor on Senator John McCain, who was openly critical of the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. The two opposing giants of their spheres of influence were on the opposite end of the spectrum on this issue.

Stewart favored allowing gay soldiers to serve openly. McCain opposed allowing gays to serve. Both made their voices heard and expressed their opinions openly and in full view of their audiences. In the end, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” was repealed. Stewart was applauded for his efforts in bringing to an end this law, and McCain, who has made himself out to be a maverick among the Washington insiders, was openly critical of the liberals who brought about the change in the law.

Jon Stewart, a Political Wrecking Force to Be Dealt With?

But, how Jon Stewart handled this criticism marks a significant change in “The Daily Shows” handling of those who express a difference of opinion.
Now, Jon Stewart makes a living poking fun of people, and he does it in a way that attracts an average of 2 million viewers per night.

Previously, he was happy with just poking fun at our politicians who made gaffes in politics and life in general. Yet, in response to McCain’s attack on liberals, Jon Stewart demonstrated he was no longer going to allow politicians free sovereignty on liberal criticism. “The Daily Show” locked and loaded its funny guns on Senator McCain and fired with both barrels at point blank range.

Jon Stewart on the January 5 episode introduced the John McCain puppet; an angry, Jew bashing caricature of Senator McCain. Stewart tried to interview the McCain puppet; however the interview collapsed with the puppet referring to Stewart as a Jew, the “son of goat herder” and giving Stewart the finger.


Stewart of course laughed off this vile assault and assumed his moral high ground and everyone had their laughs. However, Stewart accomplished his mission; the “Daily Show” presented McCain as just an angry old man who should no longer be taken seriously. The damage to McCain was done, and this is someone who has been on the show numerous times in the past and I would have considered a friend to the show. The signal to Washington, and the incoming new crop of politicians was quite clear; “Disagree with us, and we will target you, and you will be embarrassed”.

Funny pundit or not, Jon Stewart is taking “The Daily Show” in a new direction. The staff and writers are signaling they are willing to take on those causes they feel worthy and will fight tooth and funny bone to achieve their objectives.

For the politicians, this signals a new force to be dealt with. Everyone wants to laugh, just at someone else. Now, that Jon Stewart has positioned himself as the 800 pound puppet master in the room, the politicians will have to think twice about the laws they pass and the criticism they heap out. Or. risk being turned into a name calling, angry puppet caricature of themselves like McCain.

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